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Bright Club: Death 13th May

As part of the Before I Die Festival, we are pleased to bring Bright Club back to life with an event focussing on Death.

This will take place at Porters on Bute Terrace and will start at 7.45pm, 13th May. Entrance will be £4.

The evening will be compered by Chris Chopping and the line up will be:

Jenny Kitzinger – talking about putting on a Festival about death and dying

David Melkevik – talking zombies

Ezzy Pearson and the Death of the Universe

Dean Burnett and working in a mortuary

Dan Mitchell and working as an undertaker

Brendon Common and working in hospitals

Bright Club: Absences

Due to both the organisers changing jobs at the end of last year and the beginning of this and of one of the organisers becoming a Dad (congrats Dean!), we have not been able to organise a Bright Club for a while. However, we are back with a series of Bright Clubs leading up to a special Bright Club: Bodies at the Cardiff Science Festival in July. 

Our first event will be in April and will be a Bright Club spin off where we will trial potential new comperes so come along and let us know who you want to hear more from!

Christmas is cancelled

Due to multiple illnesses in participants, our Christmas themed Bright Club tonight (19th December) is cancelled. We will be back in the new Year so hope everyone has a good holiday!

Bright Club Wales 5: Christmas

Our seasonally themed Bright Clubs continue with the fifth night which will be on the 19th December. This is a week earlier than normal due to Christmas itself. 

We have the usual mix of academics and regulars on Cardiff’s comedy scene. Our academics will be covering architecture, sustainability and comedy itself!

£4 on the door, Doors open at 7.30pm for an 8pm start.

Bright Club Wales 4: Fear

Bright Club, the thinking man’s variety night, is back! And as it’s Halloween, we’ve decided to make it a spooky-special!*

We have:

Regular MC Dr Dean Burnett: psychiatry teacher, who will regale you with stories from his time working in the anatomy school morgue, and also the true horrors that lie within the human mind.

Rhys Phillips: An expert on lightning, the stuff that brought Frankenstein’s monster. He will tell you all about his work on aeroplanes. You think you were scared of Lightning before? You don’t know the half of it.

Edward Gomez: Astronomer, will tell all about the universe and the cosmos, emphasising how cold and Godless the universe is, and how insignificant we all are.

Trevor J Williams: A local skeptic enthusiast with a health condition that means he could DIE AT ANY SECOND!

Bob Ramsey: A genuine Psychic and Medium, who will be communing with the dead live on stage for your terror and entertainment.

Plus more.

Come one, come all. If you dare!

£5 Entry, pay on the door

The venue is Buffalo Bar, Windsor Place, Cardiff

[* = Bright Club is an academic comedy night aimed at providing laughs via a more intellectual route, so we acknowledge that ghosts are probably not real]

Special Mini Bright Club tonight 23rd May

Doors 9pm Finishing around 11pm
KuKu Club, Park Plaza Hotel

We have half a Bright Club tonight in central Cardiff as part of a gathering of all of the Beacons for Public Engagement.

This will consist of Dean Burnett hosting with Piers Stanger (climate change), Mike Greenhough (Time) and Ben Connell (Physics) being the academic filling and musical entertainment by Owen Niblock. There will also be a special guest appearance from the father of Bright Clubs – Steve Cross from UCL

As this is not a full Bright Club, instead of the usual £5 entry we have decided to ask for donations on the door to Mind Cymru (specifically through Rachel Ann Bowen’s Three Peaks Challenge ). Rachel used to work for the Beacon for Wales and left us to work for Mind Cymru.

Future Bright Club Dates

Our next event was scheduled for 30th May but we have run into a problem with chairs – the venue don’t have enough, the University’s are all being used for exams and we can’t find a chair delivery company prepared to deliver on a Bank Holiday Monday. I know the event is a Stand-up comedy night but I don’t think it is meant to include the audience as well!

So our next event will be Tuesday 28th June at Buffalo, Cardiff. Sorry for the long delay between the events again but we will make it up to you in June.

First Bright Club Wales 29th November 2010

Bright Club Wales features music, comedy and a humurous take on areas of interest you’ve probably never thought of.

A group of professional academics and researchers will take to the stage for the very first time to deliver hlarious observations on their areas of expertise, from the social group interactions of 17-18 year olds to the history of anti-masturbatory devices, or maybe something else altogether?

Hosted by Dean Burnett, Doctor of neuroscience and veteran of the Cardiff Comedy Scene with music and comedy provided by the amazing Helen Arney (as heard on Radio 4) with the following confirmed academics:

Mike Ward, Sociologist,  looking at how a 30-something researcher tries to observe 17-18 year old boys

Kier Waddington, medical historian, discussing all manner of things, from knitwear to ironed newspapers and German sausages.

Hamish Fyfe, Professor of Drama, discussing some his favourite aspects of his chosen subject.

Fizzy McPhysics (stage name, obviously) builder of satellite components, highlighting some of the more surreal aspects of his field.

Special Guest: Comedian Ben Partridge, analysing evolution in a rather inspired way.


All are welcome to the event which takes place in 10 Feet Tall, entry will be £5 on the doors which open at 7:30 for an 8pm start