Bright Club Wales 4: Fear

Bright Club, the thinking man’s variety night, is back! And as it’s Halloween, we’ve decided to make it a spooky-special!*

We have:

Regular MC Dr Dean Burnett: psychiatry teacher, who will regale you with stories from his time working in the anatomy school morgue, and also the true horrors that lie within the human mind.

Rhys Phillips: An expert on lightning, the stuff that brought Frankenstein’s monster. He will tell you all about his work on aeroplanes. You think you were scared of Lightning before? You don’t know the half of it.

Edward Gomez: Astronomer, will tell all about the universe and the cosmos, emphasising how cold and Godless the universe is, and how insignificant we all are.

Trevor J Williams: A local skeptic enthusiast with a health condition that means he could DIE AT ANY SECOND!

Bob Ramsey: A genuine Psychic and Medium, who will be communing with the dead live on stage for your terror and entertainment.

Plus more.

Come one, come all. If you dare!

£5 Entry, pay on the door

The venue is Buffalo Bar, Windsor Place, Cardiff

[* = Bright Club is an academic comedy night aimed at providing laughs via a more intellectual route, so we acknowledge that ghosts are probably not real]

3 responses to “Bright Club Wales 4: Fear

  1. The venue is Buffalo Bar, Windsor Place, Cardiff

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